Traditional Villas & Studios by the Sea
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The houses maintain a lot of the details of the tradition of the Sporades and follow the laws of the bioclimatic architecture:

- One is the sizes and the orientation of the apertures and the way the stones of the outer walls and structured ,that have a width of 60stone house centimeters ensure there is natural  lighting and ventilation which preserve the temperature to steady levels .

- The building have been built in a way so that they do not dominate the landscape, but combine harmonically with the environment.

- The stone comes from the local excavation and is and complies completely with the environment, with morphology that follows the same pattern as the local style .

- The window frames are made of natural wood niagon they are double glazed to ensure very good sound–proofing and thermal insulation, therefore reducing the need to use air conditioner and contributing to more friendly living conditions

energy savingEnergy saving

Everyone has a responsibility to reduce their individual carbon footprint, and there are lots of ways to do so.  We encourage everyone to think about their lifestyle decisions and find opportunities to reduce their climate impact. Therefore, at we are very serious about trying to stay “green”, here’s some of our initiatives:


- The outside lighting has been petitioned carefully, so that the least possible number of lights is used for the customer’s need.

- Energy–saving light bulbs have been installed in all the outdoors areas, in carefully chosen positions.

- The customers are advised to switch off the air-conditioners when they leave the houses.

water savingWater consumption

Security of freshwater is emerging as a global issue owing to steadily increasing use of limited resources by a growing population, coupled with diminishing availability due to inadequate management, deforestation and increasing pollution. To achieve a secure and sustainable water future, the efficiency of current water supply and usage needs to be improved. is water consumption aware and for this:


- Water tanks have been built to collect rainwater, which is used for watering and clearing.

- With the conformity of the customer we apply a practice of changing the sheets and towels 2 times a week.

- Solar heaters have been installed

- When we use water we think very carefully of economizing, and the customers are made aware of it.

- The new plants on the completes have been chosen so they do not need so much water.