Lithea Villas & Studios by the Sea

Our villas are located higher than the sea level,so the guests have to walk through a stone made path with steps, and then among the trees, to reach the beach.

Our studios are located almost next to the beach,so the guests have walk only among the trees to reach the beach.The guests who are accommodated at our studios have to walk the path mentioned above to reach the parking area, as long as the road ends at the villas area.

Please note that the location of our Villas & Studios is NOT suitable for people with mobility problems.

Agios Petros Bay

Agios Petros is a small bay next to Steni Vala with sandy bottom dotted with colonies of Poseidonia sea-weeds. The land’s vegetation is rich, full of olive trees, fruit trees, pine trees and cypresses, giving the bay an exquisite natural beauty.

The few villas that dot the hillside do not violently deform the original character of the landscape. Most of the houses are built with materials taken from the land itself so they are in harmony with it.

The bay of Agios Petros is also the favourite spot of the Steni-Vala-based Diving Center who use the shallow and bio-rich waters around the rocky islet at the mouth of the bay for their initiation dives. The beach of Agios Petros is partly sandy and partly with pebbles. It is not accessible by public road, thus making it peaceful and family oriented. The beach seems as if it belongs only to those staying in the bay.

Agios Petros Bay Gallery​

Tucked away on the southeastern edge of the island, just 8 kilometers from the port of Patitiri, lies the tranquil Agios Petros Bay. The area is lush with a rich tapestry of olive trees, fruit trees, pines, and cypresses, lending the bay an unparalleled natural charm. Both the bay and our property are ideally suited for nature enthusiasts who enjoy walking and seek a serene and relaxing getaway, far removed from the hustle of the port and the old town. It’s a haven for those without mobility issues who prefer the peace and quiet of nature.

Please note that the location of our Villas & Studios is NOT suitable for people with mobility problems.

The Island

Alonissos is the smallest and least developed of wonderful Sporades islands complex, offering a pristine natural beauty amongst its green pine forested hills and wonderful coast line, that you grasp almost immediately as you approach and arrive at its unpretentious harbour town, (we use that term loosely!), the capital Patatiri, that ushers in the daily arrival and departures of the boats (the only way to reach Alonissos) but otherwise remains a sleepy little seaside town.

The island also offers an authentic and original character that can be found amongst its original capital, ‘Old Alonissos’, situated 4kms from Patatiri, a charming traditional village with white washed houses and narrow paved streets that sits on top of the island, and in its tiny waterside sleepy hamlets that consist of little more than a few houses, apartments and a handful of waterside tavernas.

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Please note that the location of our Villas & Studios is NOT suitable for people with mobility problems.


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